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  • What's the point should be pay attention to in NDT force touch module application?
    1)NDT module size (customer commercialize ).
    2)NDT force touch moduleinstallation way.

    3)NDT force touch module must grand (Module needs to be connected to the customer power) .

    Note: If you want to Io know the relevant information about the NDT module, please directly contact with our market 
  • What’s the NDT force touch key life?
    More than 10 million scycle.
  • What’s the special equipment NDT have?
    NDT adopt the industry generalequipment for production.
  • What’s the capacity of NDT production?
    24 million pcs/year 7 inch sensing film, meantime NDT are building new production line can supply more needs of customers。
  • Is the sensing film is waterproof? And what’s the level of waterproof?
    Film is waterproof, NDT is completely waterproof and dust proof, protection level reached IP68.
  • Application material and thickness requirements?

    aluminum         1.2mm     

    stainless steel  0.8mm

    glass                 1.1mm 
    PC                    3.0mm