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Smartphone 3D Touch

On September 10, 2015, Apple released the iPhone 6s, and introduced the new concept of "3D Touch". In addition to the touchlocation, 3d touch screen can also sense different levels of pressure, and it literally add a new dimensiontothe original two dimensional touch screen. 3D touch totally redefined the concept of touch screen byallowing you to bring up “preview”、 “shortcut menu”with different touch forces.

With added 3D touch feature, mobile phone can fully interpret user’s touch intention and dramatically improve user experience with intuitive controls.

 NDT 3D Touch Solutions

NDT proprietary Micro Strain Gauge directly detect the small deformation to sense different pressure levels.

NDT Micro Strain Gaugecan be printed on thin substrate, then attached the substrate to the back of the touch screen. It can detect both the magnitude of force and its location.

NDT 3D Touch system component:

3D Touch Technology Solutions comparison

System testing data comparison

NDT 3D Touch advantages


2.Multiple Force Touch

3.Supportmultiple screen configurations

4.Rich user experience

5.Low mass production cost