Shenzhen New Degree


      Shenzhen New Degree Technology Co., Ltd. (NDT) was established April 2011 in Shenzhen, China, and it is backed by several well-known industry leaders and some of the biggest companies in the word, including Samsung Investment, Oriental Fortune Capital, Photon Fund, and ZTE Investment, with a research and development branch at USA.NDT’s is a leader and pioneer in the field of force touch and provides innovative force touch technologies and solutions. We focus mainly on the research, development and manufacture of force touch screen sensor (i.e. 3D Touch). NDT is the very first company that developed and mass produced printed Force touch for displays. It has a 2500 sq.m research and development center and a 1300 sq.m clean room, which has production capacity of 3 million pieces 5.5 inch force touch films per year to support 80 million pieces force touch screens.

      NDT provides force touch solutions for "Force Touch Screen" and "Touch on Metal"."Force Touch Screen" can be used on smart phone or smart watches."Touch on Metal" can be used on mobile phone side-key and household appliances. NDT Force touch technology has great potential on internet of things, consumer electronics, automotive electronics, medical devices, security equipment, industrial control, and smart homes. Currently NDT’s customers include multiple Fortune 500 companies across the world.

      Dr. Hao Li, founder of NDT, is a number of distinguished experts of “1,000 Talents Plan”. Dr. Li graduated from University of Maryland, had worked as Senior Engineer at Motorola for ten years, and obtained 22 United States patents. Dr. Li has published more than 30 papers in the Science, PRL, APL, PRB, JAP and other international academic journals and was awarded Frost& Sullivan 2012 year science and technology prize. He was also awarded the best paper prize of 2007 Asia Display Conference/ ASID. He led a team and won the Wall Street journal Science and Technology 2009 years Innovation Award for its first force touch sensing screen.